A look at online gambling in Canada

Gambling as a past time has always been very popular with Canadians. 70.7% of Canadians gamble and 2.1% engage in internet gambling. Internet gambling has been increasing year on year since 2004. This is trend is likely to continue as online products improve to suite our lifestyles. As an example online gambling has moved towards mobile usability as we have moved away from our computers for information and entertainment. It has been reported this year that mobile searches has overtaken desktop searches for search query volume.

Brick and mortar casinos will always have an appeal for the entertainment and social interaction it provides. However it is less appealing during colder periods and if the venues are far from home. In our opinion this is one of the driving factors when we look at the increasing number of players moving online – “Practicality”.

In Canada, the commonly engaged forms of gambling are playing skill games “mostly poker” at 59.7% and lotteries at 23%. World wide poker is still the most popular form of online gambling. However at this point in time it is found that most males prefer sports betting and females, online bingo.

Understanding the different gambling products

Most gamblers at traditional casinos have migrated to slots as it provides hours of entertainment without much expertise. The same is true for online casinos with the majority of players choosing slot machines over table games. Online poker is split into a niche as poker players are focused on this single game. Internet casinos do offer the opportunity to play poker however this generally not versus other players – rather video poker or RNG based interaction. Casino software companies have also developed “live casinos” that offer a similar experience to a traditional casino, by placing remote bets in real time at a land based casino.

Another distinct difference between traditional and online gambling is the payout percentages in regards to the return to player. Brick and mortar casino providing payouts generally ranging from 85 to 90% and online casinos providing payouts ranging from 93 to 98%. As is clear to see online casinos provide better value!

Betsopper.ca has focused on the entertainment provided by internet casinos as it is not limited to some and anyone can join and play. The selection of casinos we provide has been review, tested and found to be fair and trustworthy.

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